Our Policy

Pre-Tint Information:

Vehicles that already have aftermarket window film/tint applied will be charged regularly hourly labor fee for tint removal.

Impurities in the glass to be tinted may be accentuated when the tint has been applied. This includes, but is not limited to dents, cracks, scratches, and chips. The tops of some vehicles’ back windows and borders of smaller side windows have large areas of raised porcelain dots that will trap air between the glass and film. Sometimes this can make the film look unevenly applied. This is normal and is out of C.A.R.Techs control. We prep the porcelain area to promote the best adhesion possible.

Some tint films have metal in them that may interfere with the signal strength of certain electronics including, but not limited to, GPS, remote car start, keyless entry system, tire pressure monitor system, satellite radio or AM/FM/HD radio with an internal antenna or an antenna that is in or on the glass. C.A.R.Techs offers XPEL window tint films that are metal free and will not have any effect on electronic signals.

It is the customer’s responsibility to know and understand the tinting laws for each state in which the vehicle is expected to travel or reside. C.A.R.Techs will provide the state laws upon request. C.A.R.Techs will tint any shade the customer chooses, but holds no responsibility towards the legality of the tint job, nor to any citations issued to the customer. However our Minnesota locations are bound by the state to tint only the legal limit.  Some medical exemptions are allowed. Check with your Doctor and States laws for more information.

Before Tinting Appointment:

All personal items are to be removed from the back seat and trunk prior to tint installation. Items that are not removed and are left in the vehicle during installation will get wet from the tinting process. C.A.R.Techs claims no responsibility of any water damage done to items left inside the customer’s vehicle. If the vehicle has a unacceptable amount of customers items to be removed. We reserve the right to refuse to work on the vehicle until the customer clears all belongings from the vehicle.

All stickers or decals on windows to be tinted are to be removed prior to tint installation.  This applies to the inside and outside of the glass. Stickers and/or decals that are not removed by the time of the customer’s appointment will be removed by the technicians and may be thrown away. C.A.R.Techs reserves the right to charge for sticker removal. Antennas and/or rain sensors may need to be removed to insure a professional tint job. Any removed parts will be replaced when installation is complete. The cost to reattach these will be the customers responsibility. 

Post Tint:

The window film that C.A.R.Techs uses is applied with a water based solution. During this process, dust particles may get trapped between the film and the glass. While C.A.R.Techs strives to do the best job possible, even in a controlled environment dust may still travel and stick to the film. After the tint has dried these may appear as small white bubbles.

The film will take a couple days for all of the water to evaporate out of the installed film . Until it has, it may appear uneven in color or hazy. This is normal. In colder weather the film may take extra time to fully cure

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